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Stay healthy for those you love.
Let's design your road to success together!

Program Overview

  Fitness Foundation VIP Program Free Groups
PERSONAL COACH - Regular, direct contact with me - I'm here to help push you through plateaus and succeed with confidence
PRIZES awarded based on participation, and consistency
DAILY MOTIVATION - On all things lifestyle, fitness, and nutritional
30 Days of BREAKFAST
PORTION FIX SYSTEM - Color coded food containers used to measure portions - The Portion Fix container system will build your foundation of calorie counting, portion control, and macros combined
MEAL GUIDE tailored to your individual stats, fitness routine, and goals
RECIPES for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks - family friendly, and easy to prepare
ONLINE RESOURCES and sound advice from a well-trusted community
MOBILE APP - Access to a mobile app where you can privately track progress, activities and goals
PRINTABLES - Grocery shopping list, Online Food & Fitness Journal, Meal Planner Template, Goal Planning Worksheet, Workout Calendar
FOOD & FITNESS JOURNAL - track goals and watch your success auto-calculate
SCHEDULING TIPS - find your hidden hours
LONG TERM GOAL PLANING - Re-focus and re-plan sessions - when you get stuck, i'll help you re-work your plan and get back on track
UNLIMITED WORKOUT OPTIONS FOR A FULL YEAR - Access to a HUGE variety of fitness routines, plus future releases, that you can stream anywhere you have internet access
  $160 for 1 year Complimentary

So … in summary

Can you pick just one workout routine and get great results with me – YES, however, you don’t have to. I’ve found that variety is the spice of life, and once you complete two rounds of a program, we will re-evaluate your goals together, and get you set up with the next best thing. My VIP program will also satisfy any cravings that crop up for extra variety, or curiosity in the latest and greatest fitness trends, with no additional cost or commitment.


In a nutshell, you get

Immediate access to the most effective fitness routines, including future releases, for ONE FULL YEAR, plus your first month of my go-to breakfast (or snack if you prefer it), Shaker Cup, Portion Control Containers, and all the extras I provide as your personal coach.


Fun fact for penny pinching mama’s like me

ONE fitness program + 30 days of breakfast is nearly the same, dollar for dollar, compared to the cost of getting ENDLESS fitness programs for a full year + 30 days of breakfast. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about finding ways to live on a budget and get fantastic results!

Invest in yourself, you’re worth it.

Life's too short to be anything but happy

Pick your program and lets get going!