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Meet Coach Roshan

Hi there, my name is Roshan – my full maiden name means Bright Lighted Lion – which describes me to the T. Understanding that partnering up-with someone whether it be for a bit of advice, goal setting, or a long term program, can be a major decision for some – so, here’s a little about me …

I have two amazing boys, a loving husband, 2 dogs, a cat, and a coop full of chickens. Yes, it’s a zoo. I am learning how to be a country girl one adventure at a time! Living in the Sierra Foothills on 5 acres, my family practically lives outside, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My family is active, and we are constantly looking for ways to be self sufficient and hands-on. We garden, have fruit trees, chickens, and are learning to preserve our food.  For me, fitness is not a fad, it’s a lifestyle the entire family is a part of! Of the many hats I wear, the most important aspects of my life are being a mom, wife, and fitness coach. I also have a full time’day job’ at a large healthcare organization. Life is busy, and life is good.

Being I have such a passion for fitness, family, food, and connecting with positive and encouraging people, I look for every opportunity to share what I’ve found with others.

If you are looking for motivation, advice, and support from a real person who lives a real life struggles just like you … you’ve found me! Feel free to mosey around the site – I add content frequently, including my favorite recipes, articles, training opportunities, fitness, and more. If you have questions, maybe just don’t know where to begin, or know exactly what you’re after, send me a quick message using the form below, or hit the ground running and Start Building your Fitness Foundation Today! I look forward to connecting with you and am here to serve your goals!


A list of my favorites

  • Humans – hy husband Jeff & two Boys, Levi & Sawyer
  • Beverages – bold coffee, red wine, tequila rickeys
  • Nutrition – Paleo’ish (veggies, lean meat, fruit, and nuts … ish’ because I also enjoy dairy)
  • Workouts – jogging with loud music, upper body strength training, and the 21 day fix
  • Outdoor Adventures – backpacking, camping, and exploring for ‘treasures’ or critters on our property with the boys
  • Types of Animals – horses, and dogs
  • Communication Style – text
  • Hobbies – blog, jog, eat, and play
  • Shakeology Flavors – chocolate and cafe late
  • Colors – purple and gray
  • Time of the day – early morning, late enough to hear birds chirping, yet yearly enough for the rest of my world to still be asleep
  • Kitchen Tools – my spiralizer, french press, and cast iron skillet
  • Traits – ambition, energy, charisma and humor



A peek into my world