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Diary of a Healthy Mom: 37 Weeks Prego

It’s been awhile since writing about my pregnancy and overall trials and tribulations of growing a human. Today I am 37 weeks along, and boy how things have changed since sharing last.

Baby Hardin #3 is said to be the size of a honeydew melon this week, although, he certainly doesn’t feel as round – this baby boy is a mover, literally pushing and stretching both sides of my belly at the same time which isn’t the most comfortable feeling. I would say it’s because he’s ready to meet his family, but he’s been a crazy little fellow ever since I started to feel movement.

So what’s been going on over the past few weeks? Here are the highlights:

A few weeks back, seemingly out of nowhere, Braxton hicks contractions came on light a freight train. I was getting very strong, painful contractions regularly, which increased as I was more active, tired, or dehydrated. Typically these ‘practice contractions’ are not painful, and per my doctor, they are not caused by activity levels (my body doesn’t agree).

Having these contractions was not only uncomfortable, but it was a little nerve racking as 3 weeks ago I was still working, not at all ready to go into labor, and the baby would have been premature. Taking the contractions as a sign I needed to be careful, I stopped my workouts, and against what I’ve always known to be helpful, I even stopped walking around, replacing my generally active lifestyle with rest whenever possible. Being off my feet and getting a little extra rest helped a lot. The contractions stopped being as regular, or as strong which is exactly what I was after.

Another huge pain, literally, has been in my hips and pelvic area. Beyond normal discomfort of ligaments and muscles adjusting, the problems I faced in my past 2 pregnancies have come back for this one as well. Sciatic nerve pain, and a sore tailbone are a vicious combination, especially when paired with all the other discomforts of pregnancy. While there isn’t a quick fix for these buggers, I’ve found that stretching these areas, changing positions, staying off my feet, wearing flat shoes, and getting massages makes things more bearable.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, I began maternity leave at the Thanksgiving break. It’s been hard to stop thinking about work, but really quite helpful to have one less obligation off my plate, which allows me to focus on doing what I need to do to prep for baby, spend time with my boys, and take care of myself.

I chose to take a month of maternity leave prior to baby’s due date, so that I could spend time with Levi and Sawyer, and reduce the time they are in daycare. Thus far, the past week has been perfect for us. They are going to daycare 2 part days, and every other day we’ve gone on play dates, we went on the Polar Express train in NV, and have spend good quality time just being together. I almost feel I’ve been TOO busy, but I know in one more week, I may not have the energy I do now, so I am choosing to use it while I can.

The Polar Express trip took us 2 hours from home, which is a touch over 3 hours from our hospital … luckily, I felt great the days we were away, and now that we are back, I’ll be staying local until this little man chooses his birthday. This brings me to my new PLAN of action. Now that I’m just 3 days until hitting baby’s due date, and will be close to home, I’ve started to increase my activity, including light weight training, and more stretching. Today was day 1 of working out since I stopped so suddenly, and it felt really good, yet really challenging to pick up a set of weights and step through some of my favorite exercises. My goal is to dedicate 30 minutes, 3 times a week to weights, and do 10 minutes of stretching every day until I simply can’t move 🙂

My workout today included standard squats (weighted only with my belly), sumo squats with weights in hand, and bicep curls. Simple, effective, and safe for my ‘condition’! Amazing how a little bit of time off has changed my muscle strength.

Until next time – thank you for following me 🙂