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Stay healthy for those you love.
Let's design your road to success together!

Promoting Personal Well-Being

through simple, sustainable, health & fitness choices


At Motivated Fitness, we strive to enhance and improve the overall health and fitness of others through motivation, education and guidance. Building a strong mentality and a clear set of goals is the first step in becoming the person you want to be, but for continued success, you must push yourself forward as soon as you feel comfortable; that’s where a coach and accountability partner can help ensure you do not become complacent. Goal planning is not a one-and-done – think of it this way – if as a child your ultimate goal was to stand up … not walk, not run … where would you be today?

If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.  

Here, you’ll have an opportunity to design, then re-design short and long-term wellness goals, and gain tools to successfully navigate through daily obstacles. Health and happiness is a journey, not a quick-fix or end-all destination. You will be encouraged to improve every-day decisions and will learn mental and physical practices that will set you up to concur the things most important to you today, tomorrow, and years to come. Welcome to Motivated Fitness, it’s time to design your destiny!



My Mission

♡   I want to help hard working women break personal barriers, and achieve a more fulfilling, wholesome lifestyle, centered around family and outdoor adventure.

♡   I do this because I know what it’s like to feel stuck in a haze, days blurring together, loosing your authentic self to the mundane tasks that must be accomplished, verses taking advantage of each moment, constructing and prioritizing items that truly ignite you.

♡   I can relate to those who put their families and careers first and believe everyone has a right to find balance, living life to the fullest and designing their destiny.

♡   I know that with the right tools, closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be is absolutely attainable, and much closer than one may imagine.

♡   I empower women to improve fundamentally, making themselves a priority in the most primal sense, and in doing this, spark a more authentic, impelled person to shine through, unquestionably affecting all aspects of life.


I’ve learned my personal health effects so much more than me as an individual, which is why
I am driven by those I love.  
– Roshan Hardin

The Hardin Family – Coloma, CA – 2016

My Formula for Success

  • Flexibility to work out at the gym, or at home
  • Customized program targeting key areas including mentality, fitness, and nutrition
  • Encouragement, support and accountability

Fitness programs are so much more than just doing a workout, and eating a clean meal. By definition, a program is a planned series of future events. When working with me, you’ll always be a step (or two) ahead of the game, knowing what to prepare for, and how to improve, reaching your goals efficiently, and sustaining your healthy lifestyle. In addition to the basics, as your personal coach, I offer a wide variety of extras from goal planning to customized menus, fun seasonal meals, shopping lists, motivation, tough love and endless ways to continue to challenge and improve yourself. Whether you’re self-driven and want to charge ahead on your own, or prefer guidance along your journey, I have a customized solution for you!

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The only thing standing between you and your goal is what you choose to do next. Design your destiny!

- Roshan Hardin